Introducing "HoloBuck" (TM) Crypto Token - based on HoloSuit Platform. As HoloSuit starts getting deployed all around the world as the platform of choice for full body based interaction to virtual, mixed, augmented and real worlds, HoloBuck enables you to start developing, distributing, monetizing apps on top of HoloSuit. You will get fully rigged male and female models for various professions , which you can directly pull into your VR/AR/MR/RR app and start focusing on your specific domain. Once you publish your app, it will be instantly available to all HoloSuit users, who will pay you through HoloBuck - an etherium based token. Watch out for the white paper coming on this soon! If you are a serious VR/AR/MR/RR developer anywhere in the world, start learning more about HoloBuck & HoloSuit Platform and how you can monetize it. That way, no matter whether AR/MR/VR or RR succeeds, your app will always succeed since it has been made cross platform using HoloSuit.

HoloBuck and HoloSuit are trademarks of Kaaya Tech. 

HoloSuit - Virtualize your Body!

HoloSuit - a smart tracksuit which weaves together mixed, virtual, augmented realities with fashion and fitness technologies. Just like iPhone virtualized fingers for 2D, HoloSuit virtualizes the body motion for 3D interaction.

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Six joint angles exposed for Holosuit jacket namely

1)Left Elbow

2)Right Elbow

3)Right Wrist

4) Left wrist

5)Shoulder Center

6)Spine Base.


Five joint angles exposed for HoloSuit jacket

1) Left Base,

2) Right Base,

3) Left Ankle

4) Right Ankle

5) Lower back.

HoloSuit Jacket, Pant and Gloves are available as BlueTooth Low Energy Services with each joint data being a BLE characteristic.

Each Joint angle data is also streamed via Wifi.


HoloSuit Gloves

HoloSuit Gloves tracks your fingers and hand motion. 

HOLOSUIT Right Glove:

Six joint angles exposed for HoloSuit Right Glove

1) Top hand center

2) Thumb

3) Fore Finger

4) Middle Finger

5) Ring Finger

6) Pinky Finger

HOLOSUIT Left Glove:

Six joint angles exposed for HoloSuit Left Glove

1) Top hand center

2) Thumb

3) Fore Finger

4) Middle Finger

5) Ring Finger

6) Pinky Finger

HoloSuit Specifications/ Compatablity

  • BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE)

    Works with any display device with Bluetooth Low energy. 

  • Windows Platform

    Works with Windows compatible Devices such as Tabs, PC, Mobile, HoloLense etc...

  • Android Platform

    Works with android compatible devices such as Tabs, PC, TV, Gear VR, Mobiles etc...

  • iOS platform

    Works with iOS platform devices such as iPhones, iPad, Mac PC etc...

  • Battery Life

    Any USB power bank can be used. A battey of 2200mah can power upto 8hr Continuously. 

  • Safety

    HOLOSUIT is shock free, sweatproof. 

  • Cloud Connected

    HoloSuit supports wifi in addition to BLE, so you can use it directly. It will save your motion data directly to the cloud.

  • Full Body Motion Tracking

    Tracks the full body motion and provides this data in BLE and Wifi format. Left/Right Elbows, Left/Right Wrists,Lower/Upper Back through Jacket. Left/Right thighs, Left/Right ankles and Lower Back through HoloSuit Jacket.

  • Unity Plugin

    Unity Plugin which exposes a uniform interface to get the body joint data abstracting away the platform specific issues.

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